Everyone is interested in their health and safety when traveling.  Whether it is an African safari, climbing ruins in Latin America, a sailing venture in the Caribbean, or just business travel in a foreign country, there are key elements to consider related to your health and safety.  Compounding these concerns is fear about emerging diseases like Zika, Ebola, or bird flu.  Travel security is intertwined with your health and can be an issue depending on your destination.

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Dr. Manyak, the author of the critically acclaimed Lizard Bites & Street Riots: Travel Emergencies and Your Health, Safety, and Security, has over 20 years of expedition medicine experience. Listen to him share his stories about remote adventures to locations like the Titanic in a submersible, deep in the Gobi Desert in Mongolia to observe the very endangered wild camel, the deepest canyon in the world in Peru, rural Tanzania to evaluate a new discovery of early human footprints, the central African jungle hunting with pygmies for their dinner, the dig site of a spectacular new early human species in South Africa, Antarctica on an icebreaker which rescued a stranded cruise ship, the first scientific dive in Mongolia on the Siberian border, and other adventures.

Learn the principles of remote travel safety, why medical evacuation coverage is important, what you should know about liability in a foreign country, how to handle a dental emergency, practical advice about supplies,what vaccinations and medicines are needed, and many other important aspects of travel health.

Dr. Manyak writes the Expedition Medicine column for The Explorers Journal and published a highly regarded text on that subject in addition to Lizard Bites which is designed for the general traveler. He is a frequent speaker at professional conferences, corporate events, and charitable activities.

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